Arthur Moss
1889 - 1969
Author, Editor, Publisher, Journalist
Promoter of the Arts

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Works by Arthur                                                

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Greenwich Village Anthology of Verse; Being a Compilation of Poetry From the Pages of the First Year's Issues of  The Quill, A Magazine of Greenwich Village (Moss,New York) 1918

Slapstick and Dumbbell: A Casual Survey of Clowns and Clowning(w/Hiler Harzberg) pub.Joseph Lawren(New york City, 1924)

The Passing of the Ballet Russe, (Freeman, 1923)

Barflies and Cocktails, Harry McElhorne and Arthur Moss, Wynn illus(Lecrum Press)1927

The Legend of the Latin Quarter: Henry Murger* and the Birth of Bohemia(w/Evalyn Marvel) pub. Beechhurst Press(New York, 1946)     * (La Boheme)

Second Childhood in Villefranche: Indiscriminate Versiflage; Editions de la Rade, pub.Villefranche, 1952

Cancan and Barcarolle: The Life and Times of Jacques Offenbach(w/Evalyn Marvel) pub. Exposition Press(New York,1954)

Tale of Twelve Cities and Other Poems, pub.Two Cities Editions(Paris,1963)

One More River and Other Poems, pub. A.H. Stockwell, 1967


Quill ; 1917 - 1921

Gargoyle ; 1921 - 1923

Boulevardier ;  1927 - 1932

Articles and Columns:

The Little Theatre in America; Shadowland; vol.lii, #3, November,1920

Books and the Left Bank; Boulevardier, 1927

The Turkish Myth; The Nation, June 13, 1923 edition

Over the River; The Paris Herald, 1922-1924

The Bookman: A Review of Books and Life 1923- James Stephens by Arthur Moss

Introduction to The Eater of Darkness by Robert Coates, 1923

The Many Ways of Ernest Hemingway by Arthur Moss, The Connecticut Review (NewBritain) vol 2,#2, April, 1969

More Scenes With a Hero by Arthur Moss, Connecticut Review, vol 3,#1, Oct.,1969

Cosmopolites, Arthur Moss and Eve Moss, Harpers Magazine, Oct. 1932

From the Diary of a Transatlantic Aviatrix, Twelfth Installment, The New Yorker, Nov.1927


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