Arthur Moss
1889 - 1969
Author, Editor, Publisher, Journalist
Promoter of the Arts

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A very special 'merci beaucoup' to The National Archives of France for providing the following:

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          Click to Read: Paris Captured by Greenwich Villageby Casseres
                                  NEW YORK TIMES  Oct. 16, 1921

                       Lost Generation Store

Florence Gilliam

...was hired by Arthur Moss to be senior editor for Quill in 1920. Quill was a literary and arts magazine in Greenwich Village,NY. In 1921 the pair moved to Paris where they began publication of Gargoyle and Boulevardier. Florence was a journalist and theatre critic. Moss and Gilliam divorced in 1931. Gilliam wrote France: A Tribute by an American Woman (Dutton, NY,1945)


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