Arthur Moss
1889 - 1969
Author, Editor, Publisher, Journalist
Promoter of the Arts

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This is not an ad. I am the administrator for this web site and I cannot encourage you enough...if you are an artist, writer, musician,dancer or have any talent and having trouble getting recognized or marketing yourself, please check out this totaly free site - no strings attached. You will be glad you checked it out, I assure you.



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We have been researching Arthur Moss for a few years and we are sure there is still a lot of info out there, somewhere, that we have yet to obtain. Likewise, we have more info on Arthur, and the Lost Generation, than is listed here, such as where to obtain or view all his work. Arthur Moss had an interesting life, to say the least. He spent most of it dedicated to making the artistic community better. We are sure that several of the artists that are regarded so highly today would not have been so well known if not for Arthur Moss. We welcome your shared interest or even your constructive criticism. For your convenience, you may leave your comment in the form below anonymously, email me, or visit my Arthur Moss/Lost Generation Blog where you may publish your input for the whole world to see. I recently started the Data Integrity Blog which is directed more to my passion on the issue. And finally the Biblical Integrity. We have also included in the site many informative and helpful links we've gathered along the way. Some are just entertaining and down right fun. Even the ads I have placed on the site were constructed by me for their value content to be helpful or save money... If you do not subscribe to our blog, but, have even a mild interest in the era, please check back for the announcement of my new book coming soon. I am an affiliate, so if you visit our Lost Generation Store, it is one of the most safest sites on the web. Originally it was strictly dedicated to the Lost Generation era and Paris, all the way up to and including my Gift and Novelty Corner. But, as time went on I continued to find really great deals on so many items, I kept adding categories. If your are a first time customer of you will have to sign in with an email address and password, but, it will be worth it. I hope you enjoy!


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